Ninjas: There are 4 of them in this post

These aren't your ordinary ninjas. Don't be fooled by their friendly, adorable-ness because they're actually and adorable. Yup. These guys are just generally very happy and well meaning. This means they've had to adapt their ninja moves accordingly. Flying Front Snap Kick? Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique? These guys aren't interested. Their moves:… Continue reading Ninjas: There are 4 of them in this post

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The Enigmatic Stitch Marker

Stitch markers are necessary things when you're crocheting in spiral rounds. Unless you have mad counting skills and zero interruptions, you're going to need one sooner or later. As I am extremely cheap, I was previously unaware that stitch markers come in fancy shapes and sizes. I have only ever used the ghetto method of… Continue reading The Enigmatic Stitch Marker